Lighttex can be used effectively as a window and skylight covering that diffuses direct daylight in the interior space while preserving outside views. In daylighting simulations, Lighttex has been demonstrated to provide uniform lighting with balanced brightness and to reduce glare and heat gain.

Daylighting has become more important in recent years due to growing interest in sustainable design. Visit our daylighting page to learn more about the emerging importance of daylighting in our daily lives and how Lighttex can support your daylighting goals.

Lighttex can be fabricated complete with tensioning frame to fit your window size requirements, and is available with an optional,
motorized rolling shutter. Virtually any ambience may be created through the interplay of light, and the colour and texture of various available materials.

Lighttex soft egg crates for windows and skylights are ideal for use in sustainable architecture. Structures with large windows and/or skylight installations such as factories, offices, educational services, health care facilities and showrooms will benefit from the use of Lighttex, as will private residences with high ceilings and predominantly south facing
window installations.

Do you have a unique vision for Lighttex in your next project? We are excited to assist you with any custom requirements your project may require. We invite you to explore our Partnership in Development Program, where we encourage creative Lighttex solutions with the full support of our engineering department.

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