Lighttex can be used to create walls and space partitions that breathe light through daylight penetration. At an angle, the wall appears opaque, creating a sense of privacy, and yet when viewing the material directly it becomes transparent, creating a sense of openness in the space and a shared view of the world outside.

The modular panel construction of Lighttex can be used to create any size of wall in curved, flat or wavy sections to suit aesthetic tastes and satisfy practical needs of the space. Virtually any ambience may be created through the interplay of light, and the colour and texture of various available materials.

Lighttex walls are envisioned as unique, architectural statements ideal for use in large, open settings such as offices, educational services, health care facilities, retail display, showrooms, galleries, and larger homes.
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Do you have a unique vision for Lighttex in your next project? We are excited to assist you with any custom requirements your project may require. We invite you to explore our Partnership in Development Program, where we encourage creative Lighttex solutions with the full support of our engineering department.

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