Are you ready to access a ground-breaking new product for a novel project?

Are you ready to receive dedicated, robust support for your creativity?

Lighttex Canada Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our Partnership in Development Program. We are looking to partner with architects, designers and artists to uniquely place Lighttex in a series of original pilot projects.

As a participating partner, you will be able to

+ Access custom engineering to make a truly unique statement for your next project that matches your vision: Novel application of fabric, color, contour, ability to attach light fixtures—we're open to all possibilities.
+ Visualize the effects of Lighttex in a space with free basic computer light modeling and analysis.
+ Access our dedicated and robust technical support.
+ Access digital images developed by Lighttex related to your project (with you and your client's permission), as well as joint publicity.

Contact us today to learn more about Lighttex and the Partnership in Development Program.

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