Lighttex has been engineered to fit the most common architectural requirements for daylighting control, wall and space dividers and ceiling installations.

Window and skylight Lighttex treatments are available in standard, scaleable frame sizes, and with a motorized, retractable option. Lighttex walls and space dividers and ceiling installations can use straight, curved or wavy Lighttex modules to create signature designs to suit the space and its intended occupants.

Lighttex owns its design and manufacturing facility, which allows us to adjust the product to suit most any custom application. Lighttex wall cell size may be adjusted from the standard 3” offering to achieve optimum privacy angles. Lighttex is available in a variety of weights and colour palettes.

Share your unique vision for Lighttex with us. We are excited to assist you with any custom requirements your project may have and, with the full support of our engineering department, we will make every effort to accommodate your design needs. Visit our Partnership in Development Program to get started now.

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