Lighttex is a true integration of architecture and space, enabling architects to design flat and curved ceilings that appear as luminous floating elements in the space they are a part of, while providing soft light distribution.

Various dramatic lighting effects can be achieved with Lighttex. This can depend on the placement of light fixtures, the use of coloured or colour-changing LEDs, the distance between the Lighttex ceiling and the light fixtures, and light fixtures hanging from the grid ceiling itself — simple variables can create a broad palette of solutions.

The modular panel construction of Lighttex can be used to create any size of ceiling in curved, flat or wavy sections to suit aesthetic tastes and amplify the design imperative..

Lighttex Soft Egg Crates
for ceilings are ideal for use as signature architectural elements. Small and large rooms, ranging from boardrooms to showrooms to galleries, will benefit from the aesthetic appeal of Lighttex.

Do you have a unique vision for Lighttex in your next project? We are excited to assist you with any custom requirements your project may have. We invite you to explore our Partnership in Development Program, where we encourage creative Lighttex solutions with the full support of our engineering department.

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